Previous Missions Projects

Beyond Our Borders - Mexico City

Mexico City, the very mention of the name brings to mind the vision of great masses of people—multitudes numbering more than thirty million. The numbers and statistics are overwhelming, but Mexico City is more than statistics. It is a city filled with souls for whom Christ died. To influence the multitudes the message must be broad and public, but to touch the individual the message must be personal. Our desire was to print and produce One Million Gospel tracts to distribute in Mexico City from one hand to another, personally!

In order to distribute 1,000,000 tracts in 5 days’ time, we had to hand out 200,000 per day. 10 teams of 40 workers each would total 400 individuals. Each team then only need to hand out 20,000 tracts per day to achieve our goal. This meant each pair of workers must pass out 1000 tracts or 500 per person per day. This “seed sowing” opportunity allowed the Gospel message to be distributed throughout the city, and provides follow-up materials and discipleship programs. Local New Testament Churches then ministered to the needs of the people as they sought the truth concerning Salvation and the Christian Life.

Million to Manila - Philippines

In January 2005, we flew fifty workers from Seattle, Washington to Manila, Philippines with the purpose of impacting the Philippines for Christ. We focused on Makati, the heart of Metro-Manila, and the influential professionals who lived and worked there. These business people were equipped not only with great financial resources, but also with access to communication, transportation, marketing, and more. Scripturally, we understand that "unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more" – Luke 12:48. It was our prayer that, with personal discipleship and spiritual growth, those who accepted Christ as Saviour would in turn “teach others also" – II Timothy 2:2.

Work of Faith Publications, a ministry of Faith Baptist Church, had designed four specific tracts aimed at capturing the attention of these local business people and presenting the answer to their greatest need. Each Gospel tract contained five avenues of follow-up: a webpage designed specifically for the project, text messaging, e-mail address, phone number, and a detachable coupon self-addressed to the Information Distribution Center, which was manned with full-time staff for a period of one year following the project. The Information Distribution Center received the coupons, phone calls, text messages, e-mails, and personal contacts, and directed those who responded to the local church nearest them.

In three and-one-half days, we had saturated the inner city with the Gospel. Two-hundred-fifty trained soulwinners from sponsoring churches in Manila had committed to go with us each day, allowing our teams to concentrate on sowing the seed, while still seeing souls saved! Together, we had prayed for hundreds of souls to be saved each day. On Friday night, we met together with Metro-Manila churches for a victory rally, and on Saturday, the Metro churches took the second million tracts, specially designed in Tagalog, and covered the highways and hedges of the inner city, completing the distribution of two million tracts.

Regions Beyond - Australia, India, Honduras, Mexico, Peru

Our challenge for our 2007-2008 Faith Promise Missions was to present five fields with five unique ministry opportunities on those fields. Pastor Smith and the church staff prayerfully considered which of our missionaries and mission fields the Lord would have us partner with for this project. The thought and theme for the conference was communicated to these missionary partners, and the planning began. We asked each missionary to choose the areas of their ministry that were in need of the most help, whether it be construction projects, tract distribution, discipleship training, children’s ministries, youth ministry, evangelistic meetings, outreach, etc. Our church staff worked with the missionaries on the field to determine the best dates, approximate cost, number of personnel needed, and a basic project outline. A questionnaire was developed, and each missionary called in to record the audio for their ministry presentation. Each night of Missions Conference we viewed a video presentation on one of the ministries. As we presented each work, we highlighted the particular needs we would fill, and the cost to send the necessary team members and supplies.

Excitement mounted each evening as a new mission field was announced. A missionary application was developed for those who showed interest in participating, and team leaders were chosen. In our “missionary auction” at the close of the conference, where we generally raise $30,000-$40,000 to meet the needs of our missionary guests, over $48,000 was raised to help pay for the laborers and materials for these five mission endeavors. Our next step was to compile a preliminary information packet with participant requirements, an estimated cost, and a plan for raising the needed funds. A special service was dedicated to bringing the church family together to better understand the details of this project.

The evening before each team departed for the mission field, a dinner and rally are held at the church. During this time, luggage was weighed and checked, the church family joined in prayer for each missionary team member, and final preparations were made. As part of this missions outreach, we had the privilege of partnering with established missionaries on the fields of Honduras, Mexico, India, Australia, and Peru. Each missions trip consisted of two weeks of evangelistic outreach, leadership training, youth ministry, children’s Bible club, worker training, Bible & tract distribution, discipleship training, and much more.
Teams were well cared for on the field, with each missionary partner providing secure lodging, meals, transportation, equipment, and emergency medical supplies. Team leaders grouped their team members into smaller units for increased accountability and personal security.
Each team was responsible for providing consistent communication from the mission field, including recording and sending video and photo updates of the ministries and the work they had participated in. This kept our church family and individual prayer partners up-to-date and allow them to pray more effectively. A full presentation was given to the church family once each team arrived home from the mission field.

Bibles for Baguio - Baguio City, Philippines

We labored together with printing ministries across the country and in the Philippines to provide over 500,000 copies of Scripture, over 2 million specialized Gospel tracts, children’s tracts, and Bible club booklets for distribution among the Filipinos of the Baguio region of the Philippines. We had printed, produced, and procured these materials and had shipped them to Baguio for the August missions outreach effort. The Philippine Bible Society had agreed to print one million tracts and other promotional materials for us, and graciously offered to print an additional one million tracts at no cost to us.

Six teams, comprised of 10 missionaries each, traveled to the Philippines to spearhead the distribution efforts. They were assisted by national pastors, missionaries, and workers from the Baguio region. The teams had several appointed distribution points, and special appointments with specific ministry opportunities such as college and university campuses, military and police facilities, markets, metro stations, city parks, and business districts. In addition to distribution, personal soulwinning, and outreach endeavors, there were also various opportunities for teaching, preaching, ministry and music training, and sports-related activities.